Maizey Jumping

MACH SwanSong’s Kiss From Kiwi


Maizey is a three year old Australian Cattle Dog and a fun-loving girl. Maizey is silly with a great sense of humor, and likes to greet dogs and people at the park. She loves to carry things around, and at any given time you’ll find her with a variety of objects at home. If Anne drops anything on the floor, Maizey is right there to pick it up and hand to back to her—what a big help!

Anne is currently working with Maizey on her competitive Agility and Rally skills and hopes to try a little bit of livestock herding with Maizey in the future. Maizey is the current GVDC Hot Dog Bobbing title holder, she loves delicious food and hanging out with the pet rabbits (always supervised). Anne loves spending time with Maizey, she is silly and fun and brings laughter to the household every day.

Maizey started her agility trialing career in 2010, enjoying playing the game and quickly moving up the ranks. In October 2011, Maizey earned her AKC MACH title, the highest title in AKC agility, and became the youngest Australian Cattle Dog in history to earn this. Maizey is Anne’s first dog with a MACH title, and she is so proud of her young pup! In June 2012, Anne and Maizey competed in Agility in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals and finished in second place by 4 tenths of a second! At the 2012 AKC National Agility Championships in Reno, NV, Maizey ran clean in all of her runs for that weekend and finished 20th out of 150 dogs in her division. In October 2010 Maizey competed in Agility and Rally at the Australian Cattle Dog National Specialty. She earned the award for Fastest Time Overall in Jumpers with Weaves the first day, and had numerous High ACD in Class awards for Agility. Maizey won a Novice Rally class, and was part of a 4-dog team that won the Team Rally class at the Specialty. She now competes in the Excellent B division in AKC and will be starting trialing in USDAA in January 2011. When not doing agility, Maizey loves going for trail runs with Anne’s husband, Mike, and romping on the beach. Anne is looking forward to more fun with Maizey in both Agility and Rally, and is so happy to have such a fun-loving teammate.