Owned and Handled by Bob Ficarra


Starz Backseat Advent-ures Owned and Handled by Christin Carney Golden retriever Smooch, is 18 months old and working hard to learn agility and rally. Smooch loves just about everything about life: Elwood open space, the beach and any other water and going on vacations top the list. Smooch is a thoughtful girl who (usually!) wants […]


Kachina Mtn’s Mesquite Heat STDsdc, AD, SS, SJ, RS-N, DNA-VP WTCH Twin Oaks Wolf City, DNA-VP x Kachina Mtn’s Perfect Storm RTDs, STDsdc, AX, MXJ, EAC, EJC, OGC, TN-O RS-E, JS-E-OP, GS-E, MAD, JM–Bronze, SM-CH, RM, PJ-3,CGC, TDI, DNA-VP Owned by Kristi Cetrulo Sizzle is working hard on becoming a good puppy. Kristi has high […]


Owned by Terra Reynolds


Owned by Terra Reynolds


Owned by Janet Bourque


Deep Run’s Right Answer ADCH SCh, RCh, TM Owned by Diane & Dave Baley


Contact Point Thinks Quick NAC MACh2 ADCh-Bronze LAA-Bronze TM-Platinum GCh-Gold SCh-Gold SACh-Gold JCh-Silver OF HSAs RN HRD1 HTD1, BCSA Owned and Handled by Kate Moureaux Career Highlights Noteworthy Dam and Versatility titled 2008 IFCS United States Agility World Team Qualified 2006 AKC 20″ National Agility Champion 2006 IFCS United States Agility World Team Member (multiple […]


Contact Point’s Power Play NA, JHD Owned and Handled by Kate Moureaux


Significant Humans, Rita and Paul Morneault Hi. I’m Pilot. I’m the big one in back. This is my pack. Blur is over there sleeping cuz he’s a baby and needs lots of sleep. These others are my sisters Teacup and Molly. Molly, the black and white one is an agility star, but watch out little […]