In memory of
Loved and Missed by Mary Arango and Family

Storybook Farm’s Faxed Magic CDX AX AXJ TDI

Fax was a black-tri Australian Shepherd bought over an America Online message board in the days when the internet was a youngster. He was shipped to us in Alabama, flying from Wisconsin. Another breeder in Atlanta had somewhat snottily said, “Well, I hope you don’t think I can just fax you a puppy!” Somehow, the notion stuck when a wonderful breeder connected with us and sent us the little furball via Northwest Airlines.

Fax was a wonderful therapy dog, a terrific ambassador of the breed, and my first agility dog. He ran agility for both Grayson and me, steady and self-determined, highly motivated by the crusts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we used as training treats. He raised numbers of young dogs and puppies, always a benevolent and fair pack leader. He could cure a Border Collie puppy of mouthiness in an afternoon and was completely trustworthy around all kinds of people and all kinds of dogs. He was the kind of dog who made friends on his own and then introduced you to them.

Critically ill over the last several months of his life, Fax rallied several times until our entire family was home and settled over Spring Break from school. We spent long hours soothing him and comforting each other, reminded that sometimes the simplest things bring hope and laughter and that being able to comfort someone else is probably the greatest gift of all.