Ganderhill’s Barrel of Fun, PDII NA, EAJ, RL1, Therapy Dog Intl.

Labrador Retriever
Owned, trained, handled and loved by Susan Clayton

Cooper was born December 5, 2001 and came to live with us in March 2002 just before my first granddaughter was born. He was the perfect choice for a new and budding family. He was patient, loving and playful with the two kids and has been everything from a playmate to a snuggly head rest.

While serving as a nanny/playmate for the kids, I was also having fun with him in Agility, rally, and therapy dogs. We overcame his ability to see and chase birds 30,000 feet in the air and went on to be able to compete in Agility…but never without an occasional bird distraction. He is now 10, retired, and enjoying the company of his 3 year old brother Winston who keeps him on his toes.

What a wonderful, sweet and loving dog. How fortunate we are!