Finn jumping, photo by Tien Tran Photography

ADCH-Bronze PDCH-Silver Kachina Mtn’s Grand Finale

LAA-Gold TM-Platinum SACH-Gold SCH-Gold JCH-Gold RCH-Bronze GCH-Bronze ATD-Platinum, ASD-Silver, AKD-Gold, AJD-Gold, AGD-Silver, ARD-Silver, AX MXJ EAC OGC EJC RS-E GS-O JS-E

Owned by Betty Brooks
Handled by Mia Grant

Finn just turned three years old and is really growing up fast. He trains at Girsh park every week with Mia Grant. Mia took him all the way to #l in 2002 with the Australian Shepherd Assoc. in the Novice 24″ class. We are very proud of Mia and Finn. He is also doing well at the USDAA, NADAC/ASCA and AKC trials he competes in. He should be right at the top of the heap in all games.

This is really a fun time for him and his sister Patches. I really want to give a big thanks to Mia and to Kristi for a great breeding and such great training!

Thanks guys..I owe you both alot!


Finn’s Career Highlights: