APD Bronze Lucy

Luz De Mi Vida

MACH XF, PDCH-Bronze LAA-Bronze, PJCH-Silver, PRCH-Silver, PGCH-Silver, PKCH-Gold, RJ-E, RS-E, GAM-E

Owned and Handled by Dorothy Diehl

Lucy originated from a shelter in Red Bluff and then made her way to the San Francisco SPCA Hearing Dog Program where I got her. In my search for “advanced obedience lessons”, I connected with a local trainer who told me about dog agility. Odd, I thought, but why not try? Lucy aced the beginning classes and I was hooked. Then we found the Goleta Valley Dog Club and Saturday classes with Mia and there is no turning back.

When we are not trying our best at agility, we like to spend our time hiking, beach “walking” and shopping (yarn stores and Beanie Babies are her favorite.) Her show name is Luz De Mi Vida (Light of my Life)