Maizey Jumping

MACH10 SwanSong’s Kiss From Kiwi

MACH10 MXS3, MJS3, MXF, T2B7, TM Silver, SCH, GM, MAD, RA, CGC

Maizey is a 9-year old Australian Cattle Dog and Kylie’s half sister. She joined the Swan family in May of 2009 and quickly made herself at home. Maizey is kind, intelligent, athletic and has a funny sense of humor.

She is especially handy around the house, if she hears me drop something, Maizey will come trotting in and pick things up off the floor and hand them to me⏤she seems to really enjoy this. Maizey enjoys having her active mind put to work and has a repertoire of various tricks and skills that she will happily show off to anyone who wants to watch. She loves to carry a little towel in her mouth and bark with roo-roo-roo noises to show off for extra attention – she knows that everyone thinks it’s cute! She is an outgoing and friendly girl, and enjoys saying hi to her friends and meeting small dogs. I love spending time with Maizey, she is silly and fun and brings laughter to the household every day. Maizey’s most favorite thing to do is running up and down the beach with her sister Kylie, and they both love swimming in the waves for a tennis ball.

Maizey is a very accomplished agility dog and in 2013, she was ranked the #1 Australian Cattle Dog in AKC Agility. She has had several career highlights to date:

Maizey and Anne at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

Maizey and Anne at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

2017 AKC Agility Invitational, 2nd place overall in the 16″ division (Orlando, FL)

AKC Agility Invitational Competitor, Orlando, FL

AKC Agility Invitational Finalist, Top Australian Cattle Dog at the Invitational

AKC National Agility Championship Competitor

USDAA Cynosport Competitor

USDAA Western Regional

USDAA Southwest Regional

2012 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, Western Regional

Maizey competed at the 2014 Cynosport Championship and earned medals in Team Standard and Snooker, and made the Finals in Team and Biathlon as well. In October 2011, Maizey earned her AKC MACH title, the highest title in AKC agility, and became the youngest Australian Cattle Dog in history to earn this. Maizey is my first dog with multiple MACH titles, and I am so proud of my super girl!

In October 2010 and 2013, Maizey competed in Agility and Rally at the Australian Cattle Dog National Specialty. At the 2010 Specialty, she earned the award for Fastest Time Overall in Jumpers with Weaves the first day, and had numerous High ACD in Class awards for Agility. Maizey won a Novice Rally class, and was part of a 4-dog team that won the Team Rally class at the Specialty.

When not doing agility, Maizey loves going for trail runs with my husband, Mike, and romping on the beach is her all-time favorite activity. I am looking forward to more fun with Maizey in both Agility and Rally, and am so happy to have such a fun-loving teammate.